Sacred Marriage Foundation

Saving Marriages Before They Start!

Sacred  Marriage  Foundation  Corp
Incorporates Saving  Your  Marriage  Before It Starts (SYMBIS) Assessment and H. Norman Wright's After I Say I Do!  Marriage  Guide  (AISID)  is  designed  to assist couples in developing  a marriage that will grow and be fulfilling.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts! (SYMBIS)  is an award winning system  that has been used by more  than
a million couples.
 SYMBIS Assessment System can help you prepare for life long love like never before.

After I Say I Do! (AISID) guides couples to ask questions such as: Marriage  goals,  roles,  in-laws,  responsibilities, decisions   making,   conflict,  and  communication,  thus
guiding couples towards a victorious marriage! 


     Ephesians 5:21-27