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What Caused The Marriage Curse? The Fall (Sin) of Man!

What were the  immediate  consequences of Adam  and  Eves marriage sin. They received a Sin Nature! Knowing Good and Evil, Shame! Shame of their nakedness, Fear! They  hid  from  God, Blame! Adam  blame  Eve!  Eve  blame  the Serpent! 

Anger! They received God's anger, and judgement. 

Eve was cursed, because she was deceived, all  woman enter into a  spiritual  battle with Satan's spiritual offspring and their spiritual offspring.  Women are physically cursed with severe pain in child bearing; and their desire shall be for their husband's and their husbands shall rule over them. 

Adam was cursed, because he listen to his wife and disobeyed God, and ate from

the tree of good and evil. Every man is cursed  with  the hardship of providing all

              Genesis 3:1-24                             the days of their lives, every man will struggle physically and mentally for survival                                                                  until the day they die. 

Jesus's obedience unto death and our faith in Him is our marriage curse breaker! Jesus, sending the Holy Spirit gives us the  power and the ability to love, forgive, and extend grace and  mercy

to each other, He empowers  our  marriages  to  last a lifetime and defeat the spiritual enemy of 

our marriages.