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 Marriage Preparation Services

Sacred Marriage Foundation 

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts!

Pre-Marriage Assessments & Facilitation

SYMBIS Assessment is not designed as a predictor of success or failure in marriage. Rather, it is a catalyst for personalized insight 
and exploring how they can leverage their unique combinations of 
their personalities for life long love.  

The SYMBIS Assessment covers more than two-dozen particular dimensions based on research studies. These include:

Marriage Mindset, Cohabitation, Love, Self-concept, Unrealistic Expectation, Sex,  Maturity,  Baggage,   Attitudes and Happiness
Independence, Social Support, Communication, Finances, Stress
Longevity, In-law Relationships, Bridging the Gender Gap, Stability  
Finances, Cultural Context, Conflict Management, Spiritual Beliefs
Similarity, Spiritual Intimacy, Re-marriage (if relevant) Personality
Role Expectations, Psychological Caution Flags, Blending a Family

After I Say I Do! 
Post Marriage Coaching 
This study guide was designed to help couples in developing a marriage that will grow and be fulfilling. Couples are guided 
to think about and answer questions concerning such issues as: Goals in marriage, roles, responsibilities, decision making, in-laws, communication, and conflict.  

Couples investing in SYMBIS Assessments and Coaching services, it's like purchasing a marriage insurance policy.